My Maps for Google Maps™ and Uber App Reviews

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Great overall

I personally have tried google maps, and Apple for quite some time thine now. Both are good in their own unique ways. Apple maps is tradition al and will take you there in a simple way, not always the fastest route(forgiving its occasional slip). Google maps overall just feels more polished. It gives you lane recommendations which adore, and it visually is easiest on the eye.


This is an amazing app! It has a great user interface, friendly for everyone! It is arranged in such a way that it is extremely pleasing to the eye! I found it extremely useful, as it completely fulfills its purpose! I would recommend it to anyone!

So useful

The apps working very good no problem in it, so nice

My maps new

The area where I live you took away my streets. When you open up it does not automatically go to where I am. Have not figured out how to us it.

Necessary app to have

Use it all the time! I have tried other driving apps but not for long. This one does the job right and makes sense to me


I use this almost daily for my job and I don’t think I could survive without it! It always works and navigating is really good


Does not seem to have any connection with MyMaps from Google that you would do on your laptop. Kinda useless to me and, unless Im wrong about this, it is there a waste of my money because its no different than the FREE app Google Maps.

Complete waste of money

Google Maps does everything this app claims to do and more and is FREE. Worst of all is that My Maps cannot link to the shared Google maps. Completely useless and a waste of money!

Great job

I got this today and used it several times. It has been very accurate so far and design is clear and easy to use. The app has all the good features of Apple and Google maps and some extra ones. If you usually travel I would highly recommend this


Excellent map program, lots of detail and very accurate. I’m very impressd with satellite views, use this almost daily


If I could give it "0," I would.

Very useful

Accurate location,switching map and street view is easy. No matter drive, ride, walk, I need to use it. Too useful.

No Better

No better than any other maps app


All it does is open google maps to give directions. Doesnt sync with googles "my maps." Total waste of money. Do not buy this useless piece of crap app.

Not related to google maps my maps at all

Not related to google maps my maps at all

Dont buy

Useless. Waste of money. Just sends you to google maps.

Avoid, this is nothing like Googles My Maps

This app is completely unrelated to Googles My Maps. You cannot save maps with your own pins / POIs. You just get a list of saved pins, not a map of them and certainly not multiple saved maps of them. Beware.


Gave these guys a chance to explain themselves or give me a refund. No response. Ive been using google maps extensively for 3 years for distribution mapping driving routes. I was misled by the title of this pay app that it would give me access to "my maps" on google maps. This app has less features than the actual free version of maps.

Misleading Scam

no affiliation with google whatsoever. a watered down garbage version of googles free app. do not get this.

Useless. Waste of money.

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